Nursing Can Only Grow When Financial Gain Is De-Emphasised — AGPNP

Association of General Private Nursing Practitioners, AGPNP Lagos State Chapter has urged its members nationwide de-emphasise financial gain and pursue professionalism and quality care.


Speaking during a workshop to commemorate 2021 Nurses Week, Chairman of the Association, Olaifa Clement said that all nurses should be more concerned about the image of the profession in this 21st century.. He admonished nurses to do away with nagging and unprofessional conduct at the place of work while also promote teamwork, “If we don’t build our image, we won’t be taking it seriously. “We can’t be the most populated in the health sector and be the most suffering. There is a need for us to lead the curse for unity in diversity.


Corroborating his views, the Keynote Speaker, Olawale Oladapo urged members to at all-time strive to build trust and confidence among other health professionals and patients, “if you carry out your duty diligently, people will respect you and you will get a reward for your upright. “If we want nursing to grow, we must de-emphasise money, our focus should not be on the money why we forget professionalism, career growth, and development.

Association of General Private Nursing Practitioners

When we improve career-wise and do our work diligently the organization we have no option than to increase our entitlement. Oladapo who spoke on the theme, “Image of Nursing: an insight to private and public practice” said that some people are in the profession with the aim of getting to Level 17, “According to the 2019 Gallup Poll, for the 18th year in a row, nurses have been rated as the most trusted profession in the United States. With 85 per cent of the people rating nurses’ honesty and integrity as ‘high’. Can we say that about Nigerian nurses? Their workforce shows that Nigeria constitutes 77 per cent of nurses.”


Speaking, a Practitioner, Akinwande Philips who spoke on infection prevention and control said that some of their members died of COVID-19 in the line of duty, “it is our duty to provide quality care but in doing so we need to protect ourselves. “I hereby admonished our members and healthcare professionals in general to at all-time adhere to COVID-19 management protocol. It’s only when we are safe that we can guarantee the safety of others.

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