NMC UK Announces Changes to How To Book A Computer Based Test

We are making some small changes to the way CBTs are booked to accommodate the new two part test https://news-nmc.org.uk/129A-7EB1B-601SPM-4GMNW1-1/c.aspx launching in August. 


At the moment when candidates book their CBT, they’re automatically presented with the test they need to take to complete their application. As we move from the current test to the new test, candidates will need to carefully select the right CBT for their application from a drop-down menu. 


From tomorrow, candidates booking or rescheduling an existing appointment for the current test will only be able to select a delivery date up to 1 August. Booking for a nursing associate CBT stays the same.


In the coming weeks we’ll be sharing more information about how these changes may affect you, including the launch date for the new ToC. 




CBT fees


We’ve met our commitment to keep the fee for sitting both parts of the new CBT at £83, following our earlier fee reductions from £120.  


If candidates are required to re-sit the test, the following test fees will apply:


Part A and Part B: £83

Part A only: £50

Part B only: £70


The fee for the OSCE stays the same at £794, down from £992 in 2019.

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