New Job Openings at Subsea 7

New Job Openings at Subsea 7

Subsea 7 is a world-leading seabed-to-surface engineering, construction and services contractor to the offshore energy industry. We provide cost-effective technical solutions to enable the delivery of complex projects in all water depths and challenging environments.

We are recruiting to fill the position below:



Job Title: Supply Chain Coordinator
Vacancy ref: 61009
Location: Lagos
Business area: Surf and Conventional
Working hours: 40 hours per week
Contract type: Contract
Languages in which you may apply: English
Duration: 12months

Position Overview

  • The Project SCM Coordinator shall form part of the SCM department resource pool and is responsible for assisting and performs SCM activities for tendering and projects purposes in accordance with the relevant procedures within the company.

Typical work tasks may include:

  • Perform SCM activities as assigned by SCM Project Lead
  • Assist in creating a project specific SCM Strategy (tendering and project phase)
  • Evaluate and recommend tenders from Suppliers
  • Pre-qualification of Suppliers; assist Commodity Lead
  • Bidders list; prepare and obtain approval
  • RFQ; prepare and issue
  • Clarifications and negotiation process
  • Post-award management of subcontracts
  • Supplier assessment.


  • Degree in Engineering and/or Business and administration.
  • Relevant experience in subcontracting, tendering and procurement activities, preferably within the oil and gas industry.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills and fluency in English
  • High degree of computer literacy
  • Pro-active and positive to changes and challenges
  • Pro-active and open in communication with all interfacing parties in particular with users of the SCM resource pool.


Interested and qualified candidates should:Click here to apply



Job Title: Cost Controller
Vacancy ref: 61008
Location: Lagos
Business area: Surf and Conventional
Working hours: 40 hours per week
Contract type: Contract
Languages in which you may apply: English

Position Overview

  • The Cost Controller ensures accurate, timely and value added analysis and reporting on a project.
  • The discipline contributes to the effective running of projects and comprises responsibility for, but not limited to cost performance status reporting.
  • The role ensures the provision of all Cost Control functionality on the project including budget set up, updates and monitoring, change management, variation estimating, cost reporting, risk contingency and management as well as all forecasting activities.
  • The role reports directly to the Project Controls Manager or Senior Cost Controller.

Key Responsibilities & Activities

  • Ensure analysis and understanding of the Project Contract and Scope
  • In liaison with the Tender Team, review and analyse the as-sold budget and cash plan (in/out) and modify and/or detail this plan
  • Prepare and establish the Cost Breakdown Structure, and Budget Elements which describe the full structure to be used in the Cost Control System and that align into the Work Breakdown Structure
  • Ensure full coherence and utilisation of the Cost Control System and that it aligns with the Work Breakdown Structure for budgeting purposes and reporting key performance indicators throughout the project
  • Support the provision of accurate cash flow forecasts and profit release as well as to obtain the actual cost expenditures
  • Develop a common understanding of the Tender budget through a review and analysis process with the relevant estimator and project team members
  • Ensure the transfer of the Tender budget to the cost management system to form the basis of future monitoring and control
  • Ensure the timely coding, collection, analysis and reporting of all project expenditure, together with the budget holder(s)
  • Ensure the monitoring and reporting of project
  • Conduct reconciliation of forecasted and actual expenditures and the production of project accruals in conjunction with Finance
  • Prepare experience feedback figures to the Project Controls and Tendering departments
  • Participate on estimate of Variations Orders, prepare supporting data and documentation and implement validated VO budgets into the cost control system
  • Ensure all costs are allocated to the right destinations (departments, contracting entities)
  • Ensure information is fed back to Estimating department during project execution and at project closing whenever needed
  • Report and manage use of contingencies on the project including liaising with risk engineers

Professional Qualifications

  • A University Graduate (BSc) or HND Graduate in Accounting/Finance with a 3 – 5 years experience,
  • Cost Control prior experience in Oil and Gas industry is a must
  • Highly motivated and ability to work under pressure,
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills,
  • Strong organization, analytical, and project management skills,
  • Experienced multitasker, with a focus on effective prioritization,
  • Ability to utilize knowledge and previous experience to contribute and assist in meeting the Group’s objectives,
  • Good command of Pack office / SAP.

Interested and qualified candidates should:Click here to apply


Application Deadline 19th March, 2019.



Job Title: Vessel Operations Manager
Vacancy ref: 58466
Location: Lagos (based in Head-Office in Victoria Island)
Business area: Surf and Conventional
Working hours: 40 hours per week
Contract type: Contract and Staff
Languages in which you may apply: English
Reporting to: Country Operations Manager

Description of Role

  • The VOM is the single point of contact for Operations, project and tendering teams for any particular vessel and provides the continuity of knowledge of a vessel’s capabilities, performance, cost base and technical library.
  • The role supports both the Project Manager and the operations Manager of the ship in delivering project performance by planning, executing, measuring and improving a range of issues associated with maximising efficiency of the ship’s construction activities.
  • The VOM will act as a technical advisor for all NigerStar 7 assets, a general knowledge /awareness of all marine equipment / systems.

Specific Key Responsibilities & Activities
Overall Responsibilities:

  • Provides assistance to project engineering and operation expertise in project execution and project preparation.
  • Accountable to the project utilising the vessel for delivering a vessel:
    • That is fully operational with all necessary personnel (marine and project) and equipment / consumables
    • That is operating safely and efficiently
    • Responsible for the continuous improvement of vessel performance.


  • Support tender teams in provision of ship information as required. Provide technical expertise to review feasibility, schedule and POB/equipment.
  • Highlight requirements for modification of existing assets.


  • Issue Project / Operations interface and responsibility matrix after project kick-off meeting.
  • Organise Technical Review related to dedicated vessel prior to HIRA.
  • Review & Comment Installation Procedures and ensure compliance of project specific tools with vessel equipment
  • Review and update Ship Compliance Report issued by project
  • Provide Operations Expertise (dedicated offshore personnel) in Engineering review (HIRA)

Vessel Readiness:

  • Responsible for Asset preparation. Single Point of Contact between Project and Technical Entity for preparation or modification of Equipment in order to deliver a spread fit for purpose.
  • Maintain SOP & STPs (Standard Operating Procedures and Standard Task Plans), ship technical documents (deck lay out, general arrangement drawings, crane curves…) up to date and ensure availability under the relevant Sharepoint site Library
  • Risk Assessment database to be updated for vessel generic activities
  • Define and update on a regular basis vessel standard consumables list
  • Ensure project consumables (such as welding, diving, coating, rigging, ROV, survey consumables) required on top of vessel standard consumables are defined and delivered by project to the vessel. (input project)
  • Define Marine Offshore Personnel on board (POB) required for project operations (quantity and origin of personnel for each role and each operation phase)
  • Project crew : Ensure skills and quantity of offshore personnel is fit for purpose. In case of personnel shortfalls, source adequate personnel supported by Crewing Department.
  • Inform Operations Manager about vessel scope to allow proper manning of marine crew:
    • Interface with Crewing department to develop and maintain a training matrix and ensure that offshore crew is trained according to vessel standard works, country and project requirements.

Marine Technical Support:

  • Focal point for contact with vessels concerning Marine Engineering issues.
  • Involvement as required to assist Technical Entity on emergency and planned marine / vessel related systems.
  • Work within budget restraints for the efficient operation and maintenance of vessels.
  • Help develop and administer reliable budget forecasts against the approved budget plan.
  • Liaise with Classification Societies and Maritime Authorities relevant to maintenance of vessel certification.
  • Involved in planning, budgeting, performing and commissioning/testing of ship dockings, modifications and repairs.
  • Provide technical expertise on marine systems in general.
  • Involved in analysis of ship performance and technical improvements to be implemented in ship maintenance systems.
  • Review results of condition monitoring systems and if required initiate changes to Planned or Condition Based Maintenance Systems.
  • Provides assistance or guidance to equipment superintendents.
  • Responsible for transfer of experience and know how back to functional group.
  • Interface between OEM / equipment service engineers for team vessels.
  • Ensure that proper preventive maintenance policies are in place and support marine crew in the implementation of those policies accordingly.
  • Liaise with external contractors when reviewing / optimising maintenance regimes.
  • Liaise with (SCM) Buyers and Logistics to ensure spare parts requisitions are dealt with in due time in order to not jeopardize operation of the vessel(s)

Project Support:

  • Organise operations readiness review meetings
  • Liaise with Assets to ensure refurbishment and readiness of vessel equipment and ensure appropriate level of vessel equipment spare parts
  • Provide offshore personnel resources to attend SIT (e.g. : deck or ROV crew)
  • Prepare or if required asign resources to execute mobilisation plan, including preparation of standard vessel equipment (function test, load test, set up)
  • Organise training and qualification of vessel personnel (welders qualifications, coating qualifications …)
  • Ensure delivered project equipment are function-tested and calibrated with appropriate certification
  • Maintain vessel and project equipment / consumables certificates file on board vessel

Logistic Support to Operations:

  • Ensure logistic plan is in place and suitable for vessel.
  • Crew change Organisation (offshore crew rotation planning, transfer from home airport to mobilisation quay).
  • Make sure we have the right people in the correct position on the vessel (aka crew evealuations)
  • Follow up procurement and delivery of consumables and critical spare parts to vessel


  • Responsible for the performance of the vessel: daily monitoring and analyse of vessel progress. Identify and implement improvement measures.
  • Monitoring of project and vessel consumables used by project during execution of operations and notification Management in case of shortfall.
  • Accountable to the project for resolution of equipment breakdown and technical issues with assistance from Technical Entity
  • Attend daily conference call with Project Operation Manager to ensure regular follow up of project needs in terms of personnel, equipment, plannin

Planning & Coordination / Control:

  • Provide input to operational planning and validate sequence/duration.
  • Validate sequence and associated schedule changes initiated by the project
  • Maintain and aggregate overall vessel schedule incorporating all projects and other vessels activities and liaise with all parties (projects, assets, Group)
  • Attend Country Operations schedule meeting held weekly.
  • Optimise utilisation of vessel related resources between consecutive projects using same vessel.


  • Implement NigerStar 7 HSE requirements onboard the vessel through HSE Action Plan.
  • Ensure Site safety check rating are carried out on the 6 monthly basis and pending actions are closed
  • Ensure Undesired Event Report (UER) is issued by the vessel and Corrective actions are implemented.
  • Update and maintain Job Safety Analysis for key personnel onboard.
  • Implement project HSE requirements on the vessel.
  • Ensure with project that health and security provisions have been defined to cope with local risks.
  • Quality Control Plan (QCP) follow-up
  • Ensure Non Conformance Report (NCR) are issued and closed out as required

Feedback / Knowledge management:

  • Develop NORMS and KPI reports/database
  • Issue operation report, as built performance/planning.
  • Organise debriefing of project operations
  • Participate to feeding of Operations Experience Database
  • Seek mean of continuous improvement of vessel performance – Provide input in CAPEX / OPEX process.


  • Operate within Code of Business Conduct
  • Authority to be agreed with the Country Operations Manager for general ship process improvements and the individual Project Managers for project specific delegated mob / de-mob issues as specified on the project mob / de-mob plan.

Key Relationships /Stakeholders

  • Sub-contractor & services suppliers (for transit and M&R phases)


  • Offshore Manager
  • Field Engineer
  • Technical Entity
  • Project Operations managers
  • Offshore Staffing
  • Country HSE management
  • Country P&O Management (in which operations take place)
  • Country Engineering management
  • Country Supply Chain Management (for transit and M&R phases)
  • Country Operations Project Support (for Tenders)
  • Country Sales & Marketing Management (for Tenders)
  • OR cost control

Organisation Structure

  • The Vessel Operations Manager will be based in the NigerStar 7 office in the geographical country, where the ship is conducting work.
  • The VOM is expected to follow the ship at all times to ensure Projects have full access to the VOM in person.
  • The VOM will be expected to visit the ship each time that it mobilises / de-mobilises in port and regularly during offshore operations.

Personal Specification

  • Third-level technical or similar university degree
  • 8 years of experience in offshore industry
  • Proven experience managing Anchor Handling Tugs and Cargo Barges.
  • Proven ability to solve operational problems without supervision and deliver effective results to internal clients.
  • Common sense approach to work, which incorporates and embraces all aspects of the NigerStar 7 HSES and Quality policies. The VOM must be able to demonstrate a high standard of HSE and Quality leadership in work behaviours.
  • Strong organisational capacities
  • Outstanding communication (who can interface and is at ease equally with managers or members of the workforce) and leadership skills
  • Fluent in English.

Interested and qualified candidates should:Click here to apply


Application Deadline 25th March, 2019.



Job Title: Supply Chain Manager
Vacancy ref: 61005
Location: Lagos
Business area: Surf and Conventional
Contract type: Staff
Business Unit or Division: Supply Chain Management (SCM)
Job Title: Nigeria SCM Manager
Reporting To: Nigerstar 7 CEO
Funtionnally Reporting To: Africa SCM Manager

Description of Function

  • The role of the Country SCM Manager is to lead the Country SCM Team interfacing with Subsea 7 Africa SCM Management.
  • The Country SCM Manager is managing its suppliers within the Country, between Projects, Tendering, function and country, and ensure that the SCM Processes and the Africa SCM Strategy are applied.

The main goals are:

  • Organise and manage the SCM Department of the Country.
  • Set up of an ethical environment and ensure that suppliers are fairly treated.
  • Ensure that Africa/Group SCM processes and tools are used.
  • Ensure that SCM tools are correctly deployed and used.
  • Support Africa Region action regarding local suppliers and local SCM Strategy.
  • Implement purchasing strategy as defined and validated by Africa SCM Manager and Country Resident Manager and proceed to local purchasing accordingly.
  • Ensure all interfaces between the Country and the Africa SCM department related to local contents issues.
  • Provide to projects trained and efficient SCM personnel.
  • Ensure a cost-effective and control delivery of goods/services by suppliers to the agreed scope, terms and conditions, specifications,… .
  • Ensure lessons learnt are captured, integrated in processes and tolls and disseminated.
  • Ensure all interfaces between the Country and the Africa Region in order to control, manage and optimise the local transit and customs clearance; record and measure the process, propose improvement.
  • Manage operationally the in-country part of Subcontract delegated by Africa SCM Manager and the Country Resident Manager.
  • Ensure storage of all SCM files (RFQ, PO, subcontracts, transit, customs receipts and payments …).

Key Responsibilities

  • Follow Nigerstar 7 / Subsea 7 Policies, Processes / Procedures and also propose improvement.
  • Support the Africa SCM strategy in term of Local content and set up local strategy
  • Define and propose local procurement sourcing strategy.
  • Ensure the management of the SCM team within the country
  • Implement a training plan in accordance with skill needs and people competencies.
  • Challenge and anticipate needs in resources and develop appropriate actions to meet the requirements.
  • Ensure a good coordination at all level of the SCM department with the Africa SCM team.
  • Get the best deal from our Suppliers in term of Cost, Quality, price, contractual conditions taking in consideration all aspect of the business in commitments with suppliers.
  • Propose SCM package at tender stage (SCM budget, SCM PMT, vendor list, flow down) to Africa SCM Manager.
  • Supervise the SCM activities in projects (scope of work, strategy and schedule for procuring the goods, procurement package).
  • Ensure that an optimal coordination exists between the different SCM activities (procurement, follow up, transportation).
  • Permanently evaluate SCM performance and improve it.
  • Make sure lessons learnt are captured, consolidated in the processes and disseminated.
  • Develop and maintain a storage system of all files related to transit, temporary importation, “to re export” items and customs duties payments.


  • Prequalification of Suppliers/Subcontractors considering compliance, quality, safety records and performance evaluation.
  • Maintain ISO 9001 Certification for Procurement/Subcontracting.


  • The Country SCM Manager is authorised to commit the Company and carry out his/her duties, under the authority of the Africa SCM Manager and of the Country Resident Manager, within the approved budgets and for the approved requisition for purchasing;
  • The Country SCM Manager is not authorised to commit the Company on his own. Any commitment with third parties must be authorised by budget holders.

Working Conditions

  • The majority of the work is carried out in the main office of the country.
  • Position based in Lagos (local contract), Nigerstar 7 office.

Interested and qualified candidates should: Click Here to apply


Application Deadline 29th March, 2019.

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