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CARE International is a global leader within a worldwide movement dedicated to saving lives and ending poverty. We work in over 94 countries around the world to provide over 1000 poverty-fighting development and humanitarian aid projects.

We are recruiting to fill the position below:



Job Title: Monitoring and Evaluation Assistant

Locations: Dikwa and Rann, Borno
Employment Type: Full Time

Job Summary

  • The Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Assistant is responsible for monitoring operations of the relief projects’ M&E system to support programme management and accountability functions.
  • He/she contributes toward the relevance, effectiveness and efficiency of the Design, Monitoring, & Evaluation (DME) unit as well as the overall CARE vision programming.

Responsibilities and Tasks
MEAL System Development and Implementation (% of Time: 30%):

  • With the support from the MEAL Officer and in close collaboration with partners, design the project’s MEAL framework
  • Coordinate on designing pre and post training evaluation questionnaire that responds to the needs of the project
  • Coordinate data gathering for reviews and evaluations and contribute to project evaluation processes
  • In close coordination with the MEAL Officer and Project Manager, effectively liaise with the project partners and provide support as needed to develop, improve, and update methodologies and tools for data collection, analysis and processing, ensuring these are gender sensitive

Develop Monitoring and Impact Indicator for the Project Success (% of Time: 50%):

  • Monitor and evaluate overall progress on achievement of results
  • Supervise all M&E casual workers (Enumerators and Data Entry clerks)
  • Conduct training for casual workers on data collection methodologies
  • Provide supervision for quantitative data collection activities
  • Conduct data quality checks in the field and ensure accuracy and completeness of survey questionnaires
  • Provide supervision for data entry of quantitative data, clean data and conduct data analysis.
  • Compile data from surveys using relevant and appropriate computer packages
  • Ensure that hard copies and soft copies of data collected is kept at project sites
  • Prepare informative field reports, identify shortcomings and make relevant recommendations on a regular basis
  • Assist in the implementation of monitoring and evaluation activities and ensure that strategies are implemented according to plan
  • Monitor the sustainability of the project’s results;
  • Provide feedback to the MEAL Officer on project strategies and activities;
  • Report monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and annual progress on all project activities to the program manager and Emergency Coordinator.
  • Participate in annual project reviews and planning workshops and assist the program manager/officer in preparing relevant reports;
  • Support monitoring and evaluation of the effects and impact of the project;
  • Assist the project personnel with M&E tools and in supporting them in their use.
  • Assist the program manager/officer in preparing other relevant reports;
  • Assist project manager/officer in the preparation of reports on the findings and lessons learned from project innovations

Perform any other tasks assigned by the MEAL Officer or her/his designate (% of Time: 15%)

Problem Solving (Thinking Environment)
There are three levels of problem-solving:

  • What has to be done and how to do it are clearly defined, and the incumbent will face identical or similar problems on a regular basis
  • What has to be done is known, but how to do it is not defined. The incumbent must use interpolative skills to pick and choose the right strategy to address a given problem; and
  • Why things are done is known, but what has to be done and how to do it are not defined.
  • Situations are variable and the incumbent’s response will involve analysis, problem definition, development of alternatives, and making recommendations. She will face and address problems that are typically non-recurring.

Education / Training

  • B.Sc or HND in related Development Studies, Social Sciences, etc, with at least 1 year working experience in similar role
  • Demonstrate excellent writing and analytical skills.
  • Have a high level of computer literacy.
  • Have advanced quantitative skills, including knowledge of statistical programs
  • Have strong organizational skills and attention to detail required.


  • Have an ability to manage diverse activities and to meet deadlines required; flexibility to changing situations and priorities desired.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of international development issues.
  • Demonstrate initiative and ability to work independently and as a member of a team to coordinate and/or lead the efforts to effectively meet M&E needs.


  • Minimum of 1 year experience on MEAL in the field of development
  • Excellent understanding and practical experience with MS Office application, especially
  • MS Word and Excel.
  • Knowledge on simple Excel functions, including formulas and creating graphs from data sets.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Strong commitment to gender equality and social justice, including to the aims and
  • objectives of CARE.
  • Ability to work under pressure, ability to prioritize and commitment to meet deadlines.
  • Potential and flexibility of attitude to learn and take on new tasks


  • Previous experience working with an INGO or a Development organization.

Technical Skills

  • Fluency in English and Hausa.


  • At least 2 years experience of work in emergency or development context projects, preferably in monitoring and evaluation roles (M&E) or in project management roles.
  • Basic understanding on Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning.
  • Background on database management
  • Experience in working with quantitative and qualitative data.


  • Strong level of autonomy to provide independent follow through on processing issues and concerns
  • Excellent planning, organizational and time management skills
  • Integrity
  • Details focus
  • Strong team player
  • Strong problem solving, analytical, operational, and coordinating abilities
  • Good interpersonal, oral and written communication and presentation skills
  • Strong customer service focus and ability to work well with people from various backgrounds and cultures at all levels in organization.

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Job Title: Complaint, Feedback and Protection Assistant

Locations: Dikwa and Rann, Borno
Employment Type: Full Time

Job Summary

  • Strengthening the accountability system in the organization especially the distribution activities going on in the Northeast including managing day to day accountability feedback that includes handling of complaints as received from a range of stakeholders such as project participants.
  • Ensure meaningful access, safety and dignity in humanitarian aid.

The following elements must be taken into account in all humanitarian activities and equal participation of women, girls, boys and men in livelihoods programming This position will mainly assist in:

Job Description
Safety and Dignity, and Avoid Causing Harm:

  • Prevent and minimize as much as possible any unintended negative effects of the intervention which can increase people’s vulnerability to both physical and psychosocial risks:
    • Ensures the communities reaching the food distribution easily (e.g. walking distance)
    • Make sure the food distribution points far from military installations or any other risks (this can also be part of observations)
    • Ensure the community feel that everyone is properly informed about the locations and the timing of the food/ NFI distribution.
    • Ensure there is the drinking water at the site
    • Ensure there is gendered latrines
    • Ensure Shade in place for protection of the project participants

Meaningful Access:

  • Arrange for people’s access to assistance and services – in proportion to need and without any barriers (e.g. discrimination).
  • Pay special attention to individuals and groups who may be particularly vulnerable or have difficulty accessing assistance and services.


  • set-up appropriate mechanisms through which affected populations can measure the adequacy of interventions, and address concerns and complaints.
  • Participation and Empowerment
  • support the development of self-protection capacities and assist people to claim their rights, including not exclusively – the rights to shelter, food, water and sanitation, health, and education.

Livelihood Responsibilities:

  • Ensure the meaningful participation of women and girls rather than mere token representation. For example, supporting women’s farming collectives or carrying out quick orientation programmes for women prior to skills training can be a useful strategy
  • Ensure that both women’s and men’s security concerns are addressed to enhance participation in decision-making, distribution, training and planning processes. For example, providing safe means of transportation, safe spaces for children, avoiding the promotion of livelihood activities that expose women to risks (for example fetching firewood unaccompanied) or social discredit.
  • Ensure Inclusion of marginalized populations in programme activities (e.g. the disabled, elderly persons, young married girls and victims of gender-based violence). For example, a useful strategy is to establish mutual referral systems among agencies to direct gender-based violence survivors to the right place for livelihood assistance.
  • Ensure women and men are involved in planning and implementing all livelihood programmes.

Education / Training

  • Degree / Diploma in Social Sciences or Humanities
  • Proven interest & commitment to humanitarian and development principles and a demonstrable understanding of conflict/post-conflict development contexts.


  • Postgraduate Degree in a related field.  


  • At least 2 years experience in Nutrition, Biology, Public Health, Nursing or food aid support.
  • A good experience in supervision is required.
  • Experience with survey methodologies, nutrition assessment and relevant data analysis.


  • Previous experience working with an INGO or a Development organization.  

Technical Skills:

  • Experience in data collection, collation, analysis, and report writing
  • Ability to plan and organize work and write clear and concise reports and communicate effectively (both in writing and verbally)
  • Commitment to CARE’s Core Values of Transformation, Integrity, Diversity, Excellence and Equality
  • Proven ability to prioritize tasks and meet deadlines
  • Stable, moral, reliable and robust character and a good team-player
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Proven commitment to accountability practices
  • Excellent Microsoft Office & statistical soft wares skills.


  • Good knowledge of the intervention area/s and local context
  • Previous humanitarian programming experience
  • Knowledge of the local language (Hausa, Kanuri).


  • Strong level of autonomy to provide independent follow through on processing issues and concerns
  • Excellent planning, organizational and time management skills
  • Integrity
  • Details focus
  • Strong team player
  • Strong problem solving, analytical, operational, and coordinating abilities
  • Good interpersonal, oral and written communication and presentation skills
  • Strong customer service focus and ability to work well with people from various backgrounds and cultures at all levels in organization.

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Job Title: Clinical / Community Engagement Assistant

Location: Maiduguri, Borno
Employment Type: Full Time

Job Summary

  • CARE Nigeria is seeking the engagement of Clinical / Community Engagement Assistant for the implementation of the Adolescent Mothers Against All Odds (AMAL) project and ensure quality implementation of the ASRH program, monitoring and evaluation of sexual and reproductive health activities in the supported communities and Health Facilities.
  • The Clinical / Community Engagement Assistant will be responsible for quality implementation of community dialogue and communication activities for social behavioural change in the community in collaboration with community partners and HF officials and will also be responsible for monitoring and evaluation of community dialogue and communication activities on sexual and reproductive health services in the supported Facilities and Outreach Service Areas (FOSAs).
  • S/He will provide quality clinical lifesaving SRH communication services to beneficiaries in the host communities, with particular emphasis on hard-to-reach areas.
  • S/He will also work in active collaboration with primary health facility staff and community engagement facilitators to create demand for the uptake of services and facilitate timely referral of complicated conditions to secondary health care facilities.

Responsibilities and Tasks
Technical and Program Support to Health Facilities /Outreach Services Areas (25%):

  • Provide technical and program support to ensure quality implementation of comprehensive Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights activities with focus on LARC& PAC in the FOSAs
  • Provide technical assistance and ensure quality implementation of community dialogue and communication activities for behavioral change in the community in collaboration with community partners
  • Together with key stakeholders in the community, identify potentially changeable health behaviors and practices, barriers to the use of family planning services, and post-abortion care, and develop strategies and approaches to overcome barriers and increase demand
  • Advocate with local partners to implement strategies to reach all levels and categories of the population
  • Establish a Community Facilitators’ Committee around each supported health facility to ensure community dialogue sessions and client referrals.
  • Identify the needs of the community partners and provide them with the necessary technical and material assistance
  • Develop a weekly work plan and movement plan for activities in the FOSAs
  • Develop, Training TOR, Budget, and Contract and Advance request guided by work plan, budget and liquidate expenses after training with support from the PM
  • Provide on the job coaching and mentoring for community facilitators
  • Strengthen local coordination meeting and attend state coordination meeting on request by supervisor to advocate for Sexual Reproductive Health & Rights Services in the State
  • Support the establishment and effective delivery of SRHR outreach services in target communities
  • Initiate and write concept notes and proposal for new SRHR activities and project at community level
  • Support in development of project work plan, budget, expenditure plan for SRHR community activities

Quality Control and Assurance (25%):

  • Conduct regular Facilitation Skills Assessments for all the community engagement facilitators for competencies in facilitation and develop coaching plans for the non-proficient facilitators
  • Request for relevant and up to date IEC/SBCC materials and job Aids for all FOSAs to be use during reflective dialogue sessions
  • Ensure all aspects of patient/client record are properly documented using appropriate and relevant tools and well stored in a private and confidential key and lock cabinet
  • Ensure quarterly plans are developed and reviewed, and monthly reflective dialogue activity plan and roaster is place on the wall in all FOSAs in collaboration with CSO
  • Account for all community facilitators and ensure they perform their duties when assigned
  • Ensure that weekly reports are submitted to the PM on community dialogue activities
  • Effectively supervise all community facilitators in the performance of their duties
  • Proactively address performance issues through regular, constructive and honest feedback and coaching and suggest replacement of community facilitators who are persistently underperforming or cannot perform duties due to any reason to local Partners and PM
  • Identify necessary volunteer’s development and career development opportunities for direct reports.
  • Educate and share CAREs vision, mission and core values with community facilitators and CSO partners
  • Report any bridge in the vision, mission, and core values or any behavior or attitude that is against the local law, or that is capable of destroying CARE’s reputation.

Monitoring and Learning (25%):

  • Ensure the regular data collection using appropriate tools (VCAT, RCCE, SAA) from the supported FOSAs, and entry into the DISC in the database for analysis of the data collected in order to make recommendations to the supported health structures and the Project Manager
  • Identify problems with the DISC and flag it to the M& E officer/PM, also suggest ways of improving data collection, storage and use for decision making
  • Participate in monthly tripartite meetings bringing together FOSA providers, community facilitators, CARE staff and the Health District to analyze the data, identify the difficulties encountered and help them find solutions
  • Conduct monthly supportive Supervisions to all the FOSAs in collaboration with the SPHDA LGA RH focal persons /SMOH officials
  • Supports monitoring and evaluation initiatives at selected facilities/communities including analysis of supply chain system in the state to strengthen existing system and suggest best practices 
  • Establish and use strong compliant and feedback systems to track and report compliant and feedback to support effective delivery of SRHR service In collaboration with the ward / facility committee members
  • Periodically review performance metrics with the Monitoring & Evaluation officer and employ use of data for decision making that promotes high quality clinical care services
  • Identify and document and dissemination of appropriate success stories, experiences, best practice and lessons, at least one every 3 months
  • Encourage sharing of learning and experience with the team, across the organization and with like-minded/peer organizations
  • Assist in data entry and validation of all mobile clinic data

Relationship with Staff / Management (20%):

  • Develop a good communication and interpersonal relationship with other project staff and CARE staff to avoid creating a tense environment in the work place
  • Manage and resolve problems amicably following appropriate communication channels and procedures  
  • Listens and accept constructive criticism
  • Understand CARE’s vision, mission and practice the core values of CARE
  • Cultivate good working relationships with service providers, community, MOH staff, local CSO ,  INGOs , UN agencies etc.
  • Foster teamwork among supervised staff and with staff from other units/departments
  • Represent CARE at coordination meetings in their location
  • Organizes community sensitization health talk through the community linkage structures (VHTs, Extension workers).

Perform any other Duties Assigned (5%):
Not only limited to:

  • Ability to willingly accept and take up additional responsibilities
  • Ability to share knowledge and skills for the purpose of knowledge and skill transfer to other staff
  • Carry out any other duties and responsibilities, which may be assigned by the management from time to time

Communication / Reporting:

  • Provide regular feedback to the Assistant Project Manager on the clinical/community engagement activities.
  • Participate in the development of work plans and reviewing them on a monthly basis with the Assistant Project Manager

Budget / Grants

  • Participate in proposal writing and budget development


  • Supervise nurses/mobile team staff activities.
  • Ensure monthly reports are compiled and is if of good quality.

Qualification and Experience
The Clinical / Community Engagement Assistant (CEA) shall have a suitable combination academic qualification, experience and relevant trainings in the following technical and programmatic requirements for the post:

  • Registered Nurse, Nurse or Midwife  (female preferred), with enormous experience in Reproductive Health issues
  • A qualification in Public Health will be an asset
  • Expert level knowledge and at least three years of practical clinical SRH in Emergency programming, preferably essential lifesaving RH/MISP package implementation with refugees and / or internally displaced populations
  • Training in project management, planning, monitoring and evaluation is an asset
  • At least 3 years field experience in working with health facility providers, community health workers and coaching and mentoring on the job preferred
  • Ability to plan training sessions, provide formative supervision, monitoring and evaluation of medical activities
  • Ability to ensure quality data collection, compile and analyse data to formulate relevant recommendations
  • Ability to write quality reports in English and submit them on time
  • Disciplined, organized, respect for deadlines, adaptation in a multicultural working environment, tolerance, respect for CARE’s core values and gender
  • Strong relationship building skills and ability to work in complex environment.  
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English.
  • Ability to multi task and prioritize activities.
  • Must be a good team player that is able to work independently with minimum supervision.
  • Exemplary customer service and people skills
  • Leadership abilities that have been proven in small and large scale arenas
  • Problem solving skills that lead to feasible resolutions for the future
  • Disciplined, organized, respecting deadlines, adapting to a multicultural work environment, tolerance, respect CARE’s Core values. 
  • Ability to enhance good interpersonal relationship.
  • Good knowledge and application of Microsoft word, Excel and Power Point.                       

Required Competencies:

  • Application of technical skills and program support  
  • Good reporting skills
  • Quality and timeliness of support provided;
  • Observance of policies and procedures;
  • Maintenance of relationships;
  • Communication and interpersonal skills.

Work Conditions

  • The position is in Maiduguri with daily supervisory visits to the locations to support, plan activities and update the APM on progress of activities in the field (100% of project locations).
  • It involves liaising with and coordinating activities with providers, community leaders, Local Government authorities, implementing partners, other humanitarian actors and stakeholders within the areas of operation.
  • It is essential that the Clinical/Community Engagement Assistant maintain active presence in the field to ensure proper technical support, implementation and supervision of clinical SRH service delivery by both health providers and community engagement by the community engagement facilitators.

Interested and qualified candidates should:Click here to apply



Job Title: Procurement Officer

Location: Borno

Job Summary

  • The Procurement Officer’s overall responsibility is to ensure the day to day procurement of goods and services in an efficient and cost effective manner, in compliance with legal, CARE and donor requirements.
  • S/he will handle contracting, requisitions, inventory, and other tasks and provides support to the sub-offices’ and projects’ administration on procurement related matters. The incumbent is expected to deal with customers with maturity, tact and diplomacy.
  • S/he will also prepare and manage consultancy contracts.
  • The core areas of performance for this position are customer orientation, quality and timeliness of support provided, observance of policies and procedures, development and maintenance of relationships, Communication and interpersonal skills.

Responsibilities and Tasks
 Staff Management (% of Time: 10%):

  • Effectively supervise all direct reports in the performance of their duties
  • Ensure the proper implementation of CARE’s performance management system for direct reports, including job description and annual performance objectives development, regular feedback, mid-term reviews and annual performance appraisals
  • Proactively address performance issues through regular, constructive and honest feedback and coaching
  • Identify necessary staff development and career development opportunities for direct reports
  • Ensure levels of authority and responsibility are clearly defined, understood and followed by direct reports.

Ensure Quality and Timely Supply of Goods and Services (including Consultants), Locally or Internationally in Accordance with Care Procurement Policies and Procedures (% of Time: 30%):

  • Prepare and share the country office procurement plan for each FY (Quarterly,Bi-Annually etc…)
  • Handle the local and international procurement process to ensure a timely supply of goods and service (including consultancy services) according to the procurement policies and standards of quality of service (prepare SBAs, LPOs, etc..),
  • Follow-up pre-shipment inspection waiver, etc. from the relevant suppliers and authorities,
  • Follow-up tax exemptions from the relevant authorities.
  • Ensure clearance of goods from the ports,
  • Inspect goods received to ensure their quality and quantity and approved acceptance,
  • Follow-up the payment of goods and services invoices and bills, and advise Accounts on terms and conditions of contract relating to supply of goods and services to ensure that payments are made as agreed,
  • Assist Operations Manager in providing training to staff on procurement policies,
  • Develop and maintain a vendor list for the main office and supervise the preparation of S/O vendor lists,
  • Maintain and share vendor and price lists with MO and S/O procurement committees and Programme Managers,
  • Maintain the annual procurement budget/plan of the main office and consolidate the country procurement Plan,
  • Communicate effectively with clients,
  • Ensure the completeness and chronological filling of L.P.O’s and Request for Payments,
  • Ensure 24 hours’ feedback to staff on completeness of PR’s submitted and prompt feedback on delivery of items,
  • Maintain and update individual vendor files
  • Maintain and update the Manual Procurement Status Report,
  • Ensuring new vendors and Consultant’s fill vendor questionnaires with all the required documentations attached and do Bridger checks on them.
  • Request for Quotations, ensure vendor’s sign L.P.O’s and follow up with the prompt delivery of items.

Handle Vendor Management and Communication (% of Time: 15%):   

  • Effective report and communicate with clients and programs
  • Maintain consultant database
  • Prepare and maintain weekly Procurement Status Report (PSR).

Prepare, Process And Monitor Consultancy Contracts (% of Time: 15%):

  • Maintain and review consultant’s database at the (Head Office) HO and the Sub-Office (SO).
  • Ensure prompt processing of consultancy requests following established procedures,
  • Co-ordinate due diligence where necessary
  • Follow up prompt consultancy contracts to ensure respect of the provisions of the contract
  • Prepare and process payment requests for Consultants in accordance with established procedures.

Ensure Effective Assets Management (% of Time 10%):

  • Ensure that relevant tools are in place for inventory
  • Ensure that the Country Office assets are tagged and properly kept (including individual lists of office equipment)
  • Ensure that inventories are made in all offices at least once a year
  • Ensure that inventory documentation is kept up to date in all offices
  • Coordinate and ensure that the reconciliation of all offices and partners’ inventories is done with databases
  • Produce annual inventory and reconciliation report to management.

Perform other duties as assigned (% of Time:  5%).

Education / Training

  • University Degree in Administration, Supply Chain Management, Management or Business or equivalent experience OR a combination of education and work experience.


  •  Familiarity with basic finance or accounting practices.


  • 3 – 4 years progressively responsible experience in procurement and administrative work. A good experience in supervision is required. 


  • Previous experience working with an INGO or a Development organization.  

Technical Skills

  • Excellent analytical skill, good written and oral communication skills; Ability to exercise independent judgment and work without direction;  
  • Ability to multitask and work within deadlines; Proficient in use of Microsoft applications, including Excel, Word, Powerpoint & Outlook (or similar software); Good knowledge of Administrative systems and practice, policies and procedures.
  • Fluency in English and working knowledge of French are required.    


  •   Familiarity with donor rules and regulations (EU, USAID,ECHO, CIDA etc..).   


  • Strong customer service focus and ability to work well with people from varied backgrounds and cultures at all levels in organization.
  • Strong level of initiative to provide independent follow through on processing issues and concerns.
  • Excellent planning, organizational and time management skills.
  • Integrity,
  • Strong team player
  • Strong problem solving, analytical, operational, and coordinating abilities,
  • Good interpersonal, oral and written communication and presentation skills.

Application Deadline 14th May, 2021.

How to Apply
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